We offer the Original Japanese Kempo Training manual and a DVD ranking video for each belt level of Karate at the World Kempo Association.

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This is the best series to get you qualified as a Kempo practitioner
or an Instructor. If you are wanting to add the more effective street fighting maneuvers of Kempo to your current style, there is no problem as this system does not focus on rituals or Kata. We have only three Kata's to
black belt level, and they are all weapons Kata that will fit into
any Kempo or Kenpo program.

We also offer rank promotion with certificates from the World Kempo Association for those who are willing and able to perform an actual rank test in person or in a detailed video. Just perform the moves just like you learned form our video lessons and send it in with your test fee or credit card instructions.

Professor Carter Hargrave 10th Dan, will then grade your test and contact you personally on whether you have passed or if there is anything that must be corrected to do so. Our Kenpo system video program will complement any Kenpo and Kempo style, making it more efficient for self defense situations.


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